Cory and Cindie sent us these kind words in regards to moving their cottage from Avid Enterprises.

"Once again thank you for moving our cottage. Your entire team was professional and knowledeable. Ben, Stephan and the rest of the crew made complcated move look easy and stress free for us, that meant a lot!

We will be refering others to your company.


Cory and Cindie"

William and his crew delivered a house from J&H Home to Strasbourg, Saskatchewan on August 17, 2015. The home owner James Hoffman called to leave these kind words for the guys.

"I was very impressed with William and his crew. They did a great job and were very proffesional!

James Hoffman"

Brandi Danilkewich send us this about her existing home that was moved the week of November 10, 2014 in the Meadow Lake, SK area:

"I want to send a very big THANK YOU to Ben and his crew (Andrew, Joel, Kyle and James)!! They were amazing, laid back, yet really hard workers. They move fast, always busy… but made sure to take time to answer any questions without hesistation. If we ever need anything moved in the future, we'll be sure to call you for the job. So thank you, thank you for an enjoyable two days!!!"

A crew of ours moved a house from Pinnacle Builders to Parkbeg, SK on September 1, 2014 and this is the response they sent to Roseanne:

"She called yesterday and was thrilled with her new home. She said the moving crew was so professional and an awesome group. She is making sure all her friends and neighbors know how impressed she is with Pinnacle Builders as well as Neufeld Building Movers!!!!"

Our crew moved a house from Warman Homes to Prince Albert, SK on September 17, 2014 and the customers could not wait to tell the Ken at Warman Homes how things went:

"I just got off the phone with the customer and he couldn't say enough good things about William and his crew.

Here are some of his quoted words 'it went awesome, amazing, incredible, top notch, worked like dogs, I was very impressed'.

Thanks, Ken"

We moved a home for Shayne Gladue to Meadow Lake, SK on August 11, 2014. We are thrilled to hear this from him:

"Did my post move walk-through with Nelson Homes Rep two weekends ago and his comments were as follows:

'This is the most impressive house move post walk-through I've ever seen!'

So big should out to the Nelson crew, hats off to you guys and thanks for safely delivering our home!


Another crew also moved another house to Lac La Biche, AB for James Eleniak that same day!

"Thank you Neufeld for the safe delivery of our homes today, your teams are profesionals and we couldn't have asked for better guys unloading our home today.

James Eleniak"

Our crew moved a house to Lac La Biche, AB in August 2014 and these are the kind words they left for us!

"Just sending a big thanks to the crews that hauled and setup our homes here in Lac La Biche, Alberta. The communication and coordination between all the crew was perfect and that's what got the job done with no hassle or complications. Service was excellent and thank you once again.

Ian L'Heureux"

Glenn and Faye Climenhaga had to cabin delivered from Pinnacle Builders to Lac De Isles, SK July 31, 2014. We are so happy they are impressed with what we do!

"Well the house is up at the site and looks impressive. I want to tell you Brant, that William and his team are wonderful young men and they really had things under control! I enjoyed them all, and it appeared to be effortless. One thing I'm truly thankful for is it wasn't me driving the semi and fitting all that into the site for the move! The only damage came from me hitting the cistern myself with the front corner of the car (just a chip and my car is okay)!

Thanks to both of you for everything!

Glenn and Faye Climenhaga"

Our crew moved a home from Nelson Homes to Bonnyville, SK June 16, 2014:

"A great big thank you and the crew that delivered our new home to its new location. Very professional people that knew their job and took great pride in doing it. Would highly recommend them to anyone else needing a home moved.

Gary Shirley and Betty Coulombe"

One of our crews moved a home from Ken's Lumber to Strongfeild on June 4, 2014 for Shane and Carrie Langager:

"Well, we are one happy family.

The Neufeld crew that came out was fantastic. Troy, Stephan, Tyler and RJ were awesome. Hats off to them.

Thank you so much to you and the boys for making our move so much fun and so smooth.

Take care!"

Our crews moved a large log cabin for these customers from Cochrane, AB to Elk Point, AB:

"Through the snow, rain and mud here at Elk Point, hats off to the boys that made this possible for us. An absolute amazing experience and outstanding job they done. To the bitter end of a long three weeks right down to the cat pulling them out of the yard, wish the best to you all.

Dan and Leanne Gilbert"

On the way home one day William had the chance to stop by a future RTM site to discuss preparation for a Nelson Homes RTM to be delivered for Tom and Debra Fiddler. They had sent this over to the Nelson Homes sales person after their visit.

"I made contact with your 'moving company' and an excellent representative named William went out of his way during a siding lay-over to call me, drive to and inspect our property. I was very impressed with his customer service focus and obvious commitment to planning and ultimately doing his job well. Please pass on our thanks and comments regarding William to his management. He is an excellent ambassador for both his employer and Nelson!

Other than our assuring a little more alfalfa is left in place next spring so as to ensure more than sufficient truck manouvering space adjacent to our basement, William confirmed the access on our property as I had proposed was very good and there are no issues, other than trimming some willow brush and cutting off a steel post at our driveway entry as I had identified.

Subject to weather and road conditions we'll be in touch to schedule to meet with you in person and tour your facility before the end of November.


Tom and Debra Fiddler"

William and crew (Wylie, Shaun, and Tyler) moved a Warman Homes house to Maidstone on September 5, 2013 for Shane and Amanda Burt. They sent us this raving testimonial!


Wow. I am thankful my house arrived safe and sound. Big applause to the driver hauling that sucker!!!! Please give him and everyone else my huge gratitude!!!!


Amanda Burt"

The guys delivered a house to Asquith, SK from J&H Homes on August 28, 2013. The home owners had these words for us:

"We bought our new home from J&H homes and Neufeld Building Movers moved it to our place on Tuesday, Aug 27. We were so pleased with Troy and his crew (Joel, Andy, and Tyler)! They pulled in the yard with no issuses and got right to work. Everyone had a job and did their job well. They were very efficient and not once was I worried about something happening to the house. Thank you so much to Troy and his crew.

Haydon and Kimberly Rice"

Karen and Larry Mullis purchased a RTM from Warman Homes and had it delievered to Eston, SK:

"We just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the work done by Will and his team (Wylie, Shaun, and Kyle) when they moved our house on Thursday.

Mother Nature did her best to make things difficult by dropping an inch of rain Thursday morning. As it was late in the day and the lot was very muddy, Will decided it was best to unload Friday morning. My husband and I arrived after 8:00am to find the guys already at work and it appeared they had been at it for a little while. The house was on the basement just before noon and the guys were all loaded up to head back shortly after. It was amazing to see them work in the mud and take it all in stride. It couldn't have been easy.

Thanks again for a job well done!

Karen and Larry Mullis"

Rita Deitrich and her husband had a beautiful house from Warman Homes that we had taken to Kyle, SK. They had these generous words to say about Troy and his crew (Trenton, Joey, and Aaron):

"We would like to say how very impressed we were with Troy and his crew. Four hours after they turned the corner into town, our house was on the foundation! Very professional and courteous. Hope they didn't mind the 'peanut gallery' that set up lawn chairs and watched them work! Thanks again Neufeld Building Movers."

Troy's first week as a crew leader and it looks like he did a great job! He and his crew (Trenton, Joey, and Aaron) moved Art and Randi's house from Warman Homes to Zenon Park, SK in late July 2012:

"Just a note to thank you and Troy and his crew, they did a wonderful job. My husband was around all day yesterday to help with some tractor pulling in our very soaked yard, he said they were the most professional crew he has been around. This home is our once in a lifetime dream home, which has been a very long time coming.

Thanks again. Hopefully if we can sell our old house here, we can get Neufeld's to move it for the new owners, we will highly recommend it.

Randi and Art Lalonde"

We were so happy to receive this e-mail from Bonnie and Scott; their house went from Warman Homes out to Kronau, SK:

"My husband and I would like to say a huge 'thank you' to William and his team that delivered our house. It was delivered on July 5th to Kronau and these guys were amazing. I wish I could remember everyone's name. I would like to acknowledge everyone of them and insist that they receive some kind of aqulade for there performance. They were quick, efficient and professional.

Bonnie and Scott Smith"

With his crew, William (Wylie, Stephan, and Kyle H.) impressed Shelley and Glen Meier, who purchased a Warman Homes RTM and had it hauled to Tisdale, SK on June 25, 2012:

"Glen and I wanted to acknowledge the great job your crew did today delivering our new home! It was a pleasure to see such polite, capable, and efficient young men at work.

Our site had improved greatly from the pictures you received last week, but still presented a few minor challenges, which they faced with true professionalism.

We couldn't be more pleased with our experience with Neufeld Building Movers.


Shelley and Glen Meier"

William and his crew (Wylie, Stephan, and Kyle H.) hauled this house from J&H in Saskatoon, SK to Davidson, SK at the end of May:

"Our experience with Neufeld Building Movers was great! The crew was friendly, efficient, and professional. Our house came right on time with no unwanted hassles. We would definitely use this company again!"

Jim and his crew (Trenton, Joel, and Aaron) took a house from Warman Homes to Dodsland, SK at the end of May 2012. From what they have said, we can only hope to have a long-lasting relationship with Duane and Kim:

"I was blown away by the professionalism of Neufeld Movers. They were extremely efficient and got the job done in a timely manner. It was obvious they knew exactly what they were doing every step of the way. Next time we move another building, I know exactly who we will call."

One of our crews delivered a sculpture to Blaine Lake to commemorate the town's centennial anniversary. Patti Shiplett was the town coordinator and said these nice things:

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to say what a terrific and professional job your staff performed in the move of the Blaine Lake Centennial Sculpture!"

William and his crew (Wylie, Stephan, and Kyle H.) moved a home from Warman Homes Centre to Caddilac, SK for Leah and David on May 14, 2012; this is what they had to say:

"The crew was very efficient in that everybody had a job to do and did it well. The house had minimal damage inside and outside. They were very professional every step of the way and we were very impressed with the whole process."

The town of Coronation, AB is building and growing like crazy and had purchased a RTM from Warman Homes in Warman, SK. William and his crew (Wylie, Shawn, and Kyle H.) had delivered to site at the beginning of May 2012. Sandra, who is the Chief Administrator for the town, had this to say:

"The Town of Coronation and the County of Paintearth #18 recently purchased a Warman RTM home and had it moved to Coronation, Alberta by the Neufeld Building Movers team of professionals. Our home arrived on site as scheduled, and the crew started the process of loading the house onto the foundation first thing the next morning. We watched in amazement as the house was slowly shifted from the street onto the basement foundation. The crew worked incredibly well together. They were courteous and professional, and they took the time to chat with the curious bystanders. The house was settled onto the foundation perfectly. The process was very well organized and a complex task was made to look effortless. We sincerely appreciate the skill and professionalism of Neufeld Building Movers, and would highly recommend them to anyone considering hiring a professional building mover."

Regan had a house moved for him from Vision Quest in Aberdeen, SK to Humboldt, SK by Ben's crew (Troy, Andrew, and Joey) in October 2011 and had this to say about his experience:

"Moving a home is something I may only do once in my life and I cannot express how glad I am that we worked with Neufeld Building Movers. The company's vast experience combined with their great reputation is what led me to contact their office and from the start, they made the process simple.

Access to my lakeside lot was extremely limited with mature trees lining the road sides and a location that required the home to be backed in and rotated onto the foundation, all challenges that the Neufeld team met with the confident professionalism that only an experienced qualified group could. I watched as the team worked together calmly conquering each hurdle they were presented. Through great on-site leadership and a crew that listened and considered each other's expertise every step of the way, the structure glided into place without any damage while maintaining the mature trees and landscaping that made the location so great.

I would highly recommend Neufeld movers and their crew of professionals. Their strong leadership and communication on site kept me and other onlookers informed and made the experience and move day stress free. When it comes to such a big investment you should only trust the best to get it to your site.

From my experience, Neufeld Building Movers proved that they are the best.

Thanks again,

Regan Tameling"

On October 3, 2011, Connie and Ryan's house made it to Maidstone, SK from Home Hardware in North Battleford, SK. Scotty and his crew (Pita, RJ, and Garet) deserve credit for this one:

"This was our first experience with having a home moved and we were very pleased that Neufeld Building Movers did the job.

Neufeld Building Movers are very helpful and cheery, right from the office crew to the site crew. The company is more than willing to answer any questions you may have, we found this experience very educational and exciting!

Thank you Neufeld Building Movers and keep up the good work.


Ryan and Connie Utri"

Jordan and his brother both had RTM houses moved in the same day to Rouleau, SK at the beginning of September 2011. Both William's (Wylie, Blake, and Stephan) and Jim's (Trenton, Joel, and Kyle) crews get props for these moves:

"We were extremely impressed with Neufeld movers. They moved two large houses over 300km for my brother and I and handled the transportation and placement of both homes with professionalism and ease. It was quite amazing to see how quickly they were able to place the houses. Within a day we went from having basements to having actual houses. Jim and William were the crew leaders for each move and they managed their people and situation with 100% execution. We couldn't be more happy with the movers our builder suggested.

Jordan Clarke"

Amanda Gilmour had an existing home moved from one site near Lumsden, SK to another site by Jim and his crew (Trenton, Joel, and Shaun) in early August:

"A huge thank you to Neufeld Building Movers!!!

Firstly, to the office staff for their communication and patience as we arranged the move. Secondly, to Jim, Trenton, Joel and Shaun. All of my worries dispelled into pure amazement as they wiggled the house off the existing foundation, transported it cross country, up and down steep hills and onto the new basement. They were efficient and professional. Their approach to the overall project and attention to the smallest details ensured the move went off without a hitch. Even their patience with oblivious pets running wild and gawking spectators asking questions was impressive. It was fun getting to the know 'the guys' over the course of the move and a pleasure doing business with your company.

Job well done C-3!!!


Amanda Gilmour"

William and his crew (Wylie, Stephan, and Blake) moved this house from Home Hardware in North Battleford, SK to Strasbourg, SK area. Thanks Keith and Barb for the wonderful comments:

"I want to express my gratitude for a job well done.

The four young fellows who brought our new home to Sunset Resort were amazing and do very well working together. They each know their jobs and respect each other. We were surprised at how young they are to carry out such a big responsibility. This caravan looked awesome with the flashing lights and this huge house motoring down the highways. When I asked the next day which route they took, I was told they had to take Hwy. 15 by way of Kenaston. I was horrified as this must be one of the worst highways in the province. We travelled this in July when we went to North Battleford to see this home. Instead of taking this highway to return home, we took Hwy. 11 to Lumsden and then up. This is a longer route but we made better time than going through Kenaston. This house could have sustained considerable damage from that road alone. We found only two minor cracks, which is a credit, I believe, to the driver responsible for hauling the home. This crew should be commended for their excellent work. The day they transferred the house onto the foundation was most interesting to watch, as they never stopped moving - no slackers here and they each knew their jobs.

Home Hardware is also to be congratulated for their fine work in preparing this home for transport. Nothing was damaged as a result of the care taken. Also, John granted my every wish.

Needless to say, we are very happy with everyone and our new home. Thank you, thank you.


Keith and Barb Olsen"

Heidi and her husband moved a house on July 25, 2011 by Scotty and his crew (RJ, Pita, and Garet) to Langham, SK. Her testimonial says it all about their experience:

"To say that we were impressed with Scotty and his team is an understatement!

The move went well considering the angle and the slope they had to deal with. They tried to go in from the side but with the slope and the sand it was difficult... they ended up going in from the front and did a great job. The guys were careful, respectful, hard-working and in general just did a professional job.

We have been bragging up Neufeld Building Movers to anyone who asked about how our move went.

Thanks again,


Ron and Therese sent us a very generous card in the mail expressing how impressed they were with Jim and his crew (Joel, Joey, and Trenton) on July 11, 2011 when we moved their house to Morin Lake for them:

"Neufeld Building Movers:

Thank you for the professional manner in which you handled our house move to Morin Lake on July 11.

Thanks to the crew of Jim, Joel, Joe and Trent. It was truly amazing to watch the skill and precision you all displayed in placing our house perfectly on the foundation.

Thanks for your patience in dealing with the audience and answering curious questions. Thanks for a job well done.

We look forward to moving into our new home by the end of August. You have played a big role in helping us achieve our goal.

Your company will surely be recommended by us to anyone wishing to move a building.

Thanks so much!

Ron and Therese McCann"

William and his crew (Wylie, Stephan, and Blake) moved a house for Gerry and Bea from J&H Homes in Saskatoon, SK to Biggar, SK on June 5, 2011. They wrote this to us:

"Our experience with the movers was exciting. The crew was courteous, well-organized and acted in a total professional way. We were very impressed and it exceeded our expectations.

Thanks again for a job well done.

Gerry and Bea"

Ben and his crew (Troy, Andrew, and Joey) moved this house from Warman, SK to Kinistano, SK area on the Thursday before the July long weekend (June 30, 2011) for Norm and Ann Soyland. They wrote to us:

"Having recently done busy with Neufeld Building Movers, we found them to be very professional and were impressed with the way done their business.

We were informed on the moving date of our RTM when they were leaving, and the approximate arrival time, and they were right on schedule. The placement of the house on the foundation was very well done and once again done professionally, they knew what they were doing.

We were pleased and impressed with our results, our experience with Neufeld Building Movers was very positive and we would recommend them to anyone considering moving a building.

Norm and Ann Soyland
Weldon, SK

William's crew (Wylie, Stephan, and Blake) had moved an RTM home from Warman Homes Centre to Duvall, SK on June 20, 2011. He wrote this to us:

"The Neufeld Building Movers crew of William and his workers deserve a great big THANK YOU for a job very well done. I had two inches of rain on Thursday and Friday. They got my Warman RTM into Duvall the following Monday, June 20, 2011, at 5:30pm. Tuesday morning they worked through the drizzle, which quit around 10:30am, and it was truly amazing to see them set my house on the basement walls. They had everything cleaned up and were gone by 11:30am. William and the crew were very professional and a fun loving crew to watch and be around. If anyone wants a building mover, Neufeld Building Movers will be the only one I recommend. Thank you all!!!

Lyle J. Findlay"

Blake and Alea Noga had an RTM home built at Ken's Lumber out of Lucky Lake, SK. William and his crew (Wylie, Stephan, and Blake) hauled it to Weyburn, SK on June 13, 2011. Despite all of the flood evacuation warnings they wrote these kind words to us:

"The guys where AMAZING to say the least.

We were dealing with a contractor here in town, the contractor didn't get the levelling done or backfilling, he hardly showed up on site when the house was being moved in.

We had gotten three inches of rain in the two weeks prior to the move and everything was muddy and gross on the lot, your guys took it in stride, I was ready to freak out and cry because nothing was going how I wanted it to, then your guys started working and William took charge and before I knew it my house was on the foundation and they gave us the keys to our house.

It was a very important day for my husband and I and it would not have been the same if anybody else would have been moving our house.

Thank you so much.

Blake and Alea Noga"

Curtis Korchinski's cabin was moved from the city of Saskatoon, SK to Struthers Lake, SK in the early morning of June 15, 2011:

"I am sending you this email as a very pleased customer of yours. Words cannot describe how thrilled we are with the service we received from your company. Scott and his crew (Pita, RJ, and Garett) are true gentlemen, and I cannot believe how particular they were in handling our move. Even though we faced some obstacles due to the weather/poor road conditions, they did the very best they could with the situation, and did it with a smile on their faces. As a business owner myself, I completely sympathize with other owners who face the difficult task of finding quality personnel. You certainly have a great group of employees there. From the first email from Kyle, to the follow-up with Cory-Anne, it became evident that Neufeld Building Movers is a first-class operation. We appreciate the good quality equipment used in the moving process, which brought us our cabin in perfect condition. Thank you again for everything and we wish you a very successful future in your business!

Best regards,

Curtis Korchinski"

Eileen Taylor had a home moved from J&H Homes in Saskatoon, SK to Wainwright, AB on May 18, 2011:

"Our J&H Homes RTM home arrived today, and it was so exciting watching Neufeld Building Movers put it on the basement. They were wonderful, and were very patient letting us watch. They worked quickly and professionally, and walked me through the house once it was put on. It is amazing that they can move a fully completed house down the highway in one piece and get it placed on the foundation perfectly with very little cracking. I would highly recommend Neufeld Building Movers!"

Gary and Marg had their home moved from J&H Homes in Saskatoon, SK to Canwood, SK in April of 2011. They wrote:

"The Neufeld crew was excellent from start to finish. We would not hire anyone else to move our home!"

Rhonda Best wrote these wonderful comments:

I can't tell you how thankful I am for the exceptional job you did in moving our house. I interviewed several companies before choosing Neufeld Building Movers and none of them showed the experience, knowledge, confidence and professionalism that you did. Kerry went out of his way to answer my many questions and ease my concerns; he had a solution for everything! I was completely blown away with the great attitude, work ethics and absolute proficiency your staff showed. From start to finish I had an overwhelming confidence that our house was in good hands and that we definitely made the right choice. I have seen for myself why Neufeld Building Movers has earned a reputation in Saskatchewan for being the best house movers around! Feel free to use me as a reference for future clients!

Thanks again for everything,

Rhonda Best"

The Drovers had their new home delivered from Warman Homes to Biggar, SK and Scotty's crew delivered it in May of 2009. They sent us these comments:

"We were so very impressed with the quality of work from Neufeld. Their employees arrived on time and did a very professional job on site. They were courteous, careful with the house, moved it perfectly on the foundation, and got it all done before lunch! We are thankful they moved our house!"

Andy and Sarah Kirschenman bought a new RTM home from Swift Current, SK and Wom's crew delivered it in October of 2008. They sent us this e-mail:

"Good evening,

We received our house last evening and it was moved on this morning. Everything went very well and we were very impressed with your crew. They sure knew what they were doing. It was a great experience and now our new house is here!

Andy and Sarah Kirschenman"

Merlin and Chris Wild had their new home delivered to Pierce Lake, SK and Jimmy's crew delivered it in March of 2008. They sent us these comments:

"With special thanks and appreciation to Kerry, Jim and the Neufeld crew!!! We truly have grateful hearts for the awesome job of moving our new home to our lake lot. We were totally impressed, as were our friends and neighbours; as our site was in your words Kerry 'Not so awesome from a house mover's point of view'!!! We sincerely appreciate the time and effort on your part Kerry, for your organization and fitting us into your busy schedule of moving RTMs. As for Jim and his men, we have to say they work together as a team, with total communication being a key factor with each step of the move (even our carpenter commented on that point to us later). Extreme care and caution at all times made for a safe and successful move. We felt confident that Neufeld had the best equipment and technique compared to the other moving companies that we seriously observed. We would highly recommend Neufeld to anyone, should we be asked for a reference. We extend our sincere appreciation and thanks for a job extremely well done and wish your business continued success and safe moving. You can be proud of the crew that made our move possible!! Thank you for your part in making our 'wild wilderness dream come true'!!!

Merlin and Chris Wild"

Here is what one of our customers had to say about the crew that delivered their home in May 2007 to Cold Lake, AB from Saskatoon, SK:

"Hi Kerry,

The house showed up and everything went great! Scott and his crew were terrific hard workers and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Neufeld Building Movers to anyone!

Matt and Barb Dickson"

Kevin and Deon Eichhorn had this to say about Ben and his crew after they delivered a 2000-square-foot home in June 2006 to Edson, AB from Saskatoon, SK:

"To the Crew at Neufeld Building Movers,

Thank you so much for the great job that you did on putting our house from Saskatoon on our basement. I know Edson is a long ways from home, and you guys had a really long day. We really appreciate all that you did. You guys were so friendly and really know what you are doing. I would highly recommend you to anyone. I cannot believe that at the end of the day you all still had a smile on your faces. You have a great group of guys and I just cannot thank you all enough for the fantastic job you did. I never got all of your names but it was Ben and three other gentlemen, and they did a fantastic job!

Thanks again.

Kevin and Deon Eichhorn"

Theo and Michelle Martens bought a new RTM home from Home Building Centre in North Battleford, SK, and Jimmy's crew delivered it in May 2007. They sent us this e-mail:

"Thank you!!! Our home was delivered yesterday by an outstanding crew, led by Jim, and we felt we needed to say a huge thank you for a job well done. Any anxiety felt regarding the move was immediately put to rest when the trucks pulled onto the site and the moving started. Once again, thank you!

Michelle and Theo Martens"

Wayne Lewis had his new home delivered in June 2007 all the way to Slave Lake, AB. Ben and his crew delivered the home from Saskatoon, SK for a total distance of 550 miles! Wayne had this to say:

"Kerry, just a quick note, a little late, I might add, concerning our house move. I would just like to say thank you to you and your crew for a job well done. I am still amazed that you can move a house that far and have no issues. The boys did an excellent job of setting the house on the foundation, and in no time at all. Again thank you all!!!

Wayne Lewis"