At Neufeld Building Movers have a wide range as to what we are able to provide as structural movers.

We Move Ready to Move Homes (RTMs)

A RTM is a home that is entirely constructed away from the site on which it will be affixed to a permanent foundation. You will see these homes being built on blocks and beams that are ready to load onto our dolleys to be delivered. Often modular homes (MODs) are mixed into this category as well; the difference between a MOD and an RTM is that a MOD is built in two or more pieces and hauled to a site in this condition, whereas an RTM is built in one whole piece. Why choose an RTM? An RTM is a great choice for anyone that is wanting the amenities of a brand new house, but only having one contractor for every question, the builder (see our links for our reputable RTM builders) can build your home in a timely manner and have it delivered on time.

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Existing or Older Homes

An existing or older home is a home that is "stick built" and already affixed to a foundation; previously moved RTM homes would also be considered an existing or older home. The process with an existing home is a little more extensive because it is already on a foundation. We have state-of- the-art equipment and professional staff to carefully move any existing home! At times, we can even move the foundation with it! Why choose an existing or older home? Many homes still have a long life ahead of them!

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We also specialize in oversized commercial structures as well! Often these extra-large sized structures are just too big and need the pros! Whether it's big, oddly-shaped, or heavy, call us and we can put our expertise to work.

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Barns and Shops

We move barns and shops or any kind of larger out building built of wood construction on any foundation. Some are relocated from farm to farm for livestock and animals.

Basement Replacements

Our sister company, CBRI Construction not only specializes in new basement construction but also will take care of that old, dingy, crumbling foundation that leaks every year. Visit their website at  to see what they have to offer you!