2018 IASM Awards

Martensville to Saskatoon Home Relocation

Crooked River Bridge

Indian Head

Moving a House


Brian and Glenda Wagner

Pinnacle Homes Builders to Cadogan, AB

The perfect example on our RTM unload process. Proud home owner Ralph sent us this! His house was moved June 19, 2013.

Saskatoon Airport Building Weighing 350 Tons!

Blaine Lake Centennial

Massive Moves

If you missed us on Massive Moves, you can watch us by clicking on the episode you would like to watch!

Supersize Station

Ursula Pfeiffer-Strautman and her partner Lorne Bauer have found their dream home: a two-storey, century-old, disused train station. It's steeped in heritage and the perfect place for their beautiful riverside plot in Saskatchewan. But 60 miles of railway crossings, power lines, tight turns, and muddy ground lie between the station and their plot in Warman. So Lorne and Ursula call in experienced house trucker Kerry Neufeld and his team to move the 100-ton station. It looks in great condition, but it's not long before they discover that the foundations have collapsed and there's a fragile floor. Will Ursula and Lorne's century-old dream home survive a cross-country trek to reach the new plot intact?

Impossible Ice

Brothers Wayne and Sean Bodenstab call house hauler Kerry Neufeld and his team to lift and shift their family cabin from the shores of Lake Kipabiskau, 150 miles to Sean's leisure resort where they can make more use of it. The cabin holds many special memories of their family holidays they've had there, so to keep it intact is very important to them all. But with trees blocking the main road to the resort, the only way the crew can haul it to the new site is to wait until the lake freezes solid, and then build an ice road to roll the house across. Several attempts to haul houses across frozen lakes have ended in disaster. Will Sean and Wayne's beloved cabin make the journey without sinking into the icy abyss?

Million Dollar Mansion

A family in Saskatchewan calls in a team of house truckers to haul their stunning mansion across rough fields and down narrow lanes to save it from being demolished.

Youth Farm Bible Camp

The Youth Farm Bible Camp located in Rosthern, SK did a great job of filming the move, then put it on YouTube. For more information about the Youth Farm Bible Camp or history on this church, visit their website at www.yfbc.ca.